Borrelli’s Maternity Session

Marli and Sean Borrelli hold a unique credit in my development as a photographer by asking me to photograph their wedding a couple of years ago.  This was the first time that I ever shot a life event for anyone other than own family!  Once I saw the reactions to these photos by both sides of the family, I was floored.  Think huge smiles, happy hugs, proud parents and even tears of joy.  The power of photographs is amazing, and hopefully you can understand why I would like to share this happiness with as many people as possible!

If it were not for Marli and Sean’s trust in me, my photographs would be limited to taking endless photos of daughter’s life, as well as many, many attempts to capture artistic images or unique views of objects found in nature or everyday life.  This is all well and good, and I’m not too bad at it, but it just did not compare to capturing the cherished moments of a young bride and groom on a white sand beach., or the fun candid moments during the reception.

Now, two years later, I was thrilled to learn than there was a new baby in the future, and I was honored to shoot a Maternity session for Marli and Sean.  Aside from a little heat (hey, it’s summer in Georgia!), we had a wonderful evening on a lovely farm to shoot our session.  Please enjoy these photos of my evening with the Borrelli’s!


Sean-Marli Maternity-