Last Minute Sessions Can Be Awesome!

One afternoon, I was contacted by a client who wanted to surprise her pregnant daughter with photos of her two sons.  The goal was to have the photos completed before the third was born, and to provide a gift for the baby shower.  It was a very sweet idea!




THE CHALLENGE:  The baby shower was less than a week away, and we needed to act FAST!  We decided to shoot the session the following day since there was little time time to waste.




Another fun idea that my client brought to the table was to shoot a photo of the youngest boy with a photo of himself at his brith.  He was born with a cleft lip, and had since had a repair operation.  His mother however missed her son’s original smile.  So I worked with Faryl Seabaugh at Farylann Photography who shot the original birth photo.  Faryl loves to shoot newborn and has a fantastic First48 photo plan designed to capture the birth and the first 48 hours of your newborns life this side of the womb!



It was so energizing to take this client and to jump in with both feet!  I’ve got some great clients and I love being able to step up to their challenges!