About Your Session

|||  Before Your Photography Session  |||

Prior to meeting on the day of your session, we’ll schedule an in-person consultation to get to know one another and discuss what you wish to see in your photographs. We will chat about your wardrobe, a color scheme and the location for your photo shoot.  Also, this will be a good opportunity for me to answer any questions that you may have. You will find that my style is very collaborative and will shift between creating traditional, candid, artistic and photographs that fit your unique and personal style. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime with any creative ideas or inspirations that you’d like to try out during your session.


|||  During Your Photography Session  |||

It is important for me to ensure that you feel relaxed and comfortable during your session. This will allow me to capture authentic images that capture your sprit, as well as, the emotional connections that are at the heart of your relationships. You will find that photography sessions with me are low-pressure and stress free, plus I won’t make you feel that you need to “perform”. Throughout your session, I may move you a little here or there in order to make sure that we are getting the best light and the right angles that flatter you and the composition of the photograph.   That said, we want to capture those organic moments, which are never planned.

Your job during the session is easy, and I all that I ask is that you do what you do best – be yourself, and just enjoy the time with your loved ones; or simply enjoy being outside. Take a deep breath, relax and enjoy connecting with each other. My job will be to ensure that you feel comfortable & natural and to capture you in your best light. So just relax, be yourself and allow me to take care of everything else!


|||  After your Photography Session  |||

After our photography session, it will take about two to three weeks for me to review every single image that I captured during the photo shoot.   I am very selective during my photo selection process, and I spend hours retouching and enhancing your best photographs so that you will receive the highest quality product possible.

Once the images are ready, we will set up a review of your photos, and I set up a viewing gallery on my website to help you decide which images that you would like to buy fine art prints or other products.



I am here for you! Please do not hesitate to reach me if you have any questions about photography session. You can contact me by called 404-824-4974, or by using the contact form below: